This is the first step in having a perfectly balanced tune. Dynos can simulate, key word in this sentence being “simulate”. Nothing will truly be the same as your 4g63 in its element, on the road. Flyin EVO 2ning will first assess your car to ensure it is ready to be tuned. This involves a visual inspection, as well as a boost leak test, and the replacement of the spark plugs. If everything checks out ok, then we will proceed to tune the car. From cruise, to the maximum boost that can be achieved, all while retaining reliability.

Flash ECU tune w/customers installed wideband $300.00
w/o customer supplied wideband $350.00

Stand-alone aftermarket ECU tune w/customers installed wideband

Stand-alone aftermarket ECU tune w/o customer supplied wideband


After your 4g63 has been road tuned and you’re looking for maximum power, then we can take your tune to the next level and tweak it to perfection. A flat fee of $150.00 in addition to the road tune cost and the dyno rental fee per hour is all it takes to get your 4g63 to horsepower nirvana. Flyin EVO 2ning works with several Chicago area AWD dynos. Prices per hour vary. We have access to both Dyno Jet, as well as Mustang dynos.

If you prefer to tune your 4g63 on the dyno vs. a road tune for the whole process we can accommodate you. Usually this is for race cars without insurance and registration.

Tune To You

Within a 60 mile radius from Schaumburg, IL Flyin EVO 2ning will provide tuning service at your location without any additional cost to you. This saves you time, money, and also the added benefit of having everything inspected before you roll. We also offer long distance services, trackside support, national and international tuning as well. Cost vary, travel further than 200 miles will require air fair and hotel accommodations. Group tuning out of state and country discounts available.